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Piazza dei Signori
This piazza, the Lords’ Square, was the seat of the city’s public institutions, especially during the della Scala period. 

It is a courtyard enclosed by monumental buildings that give the square a noble look and a statue of Dante (1865) adorns the centre. 

On the right is the 12th century Palazzo del Comune o della Ragione. Under an archway there is the Palazzo dei Tribunali


piazza dei signori


On the other side of the square is the beautiful Loggia del Consiglio (Loggia of the Council), one of the most stylish Renaissance creations in the Veneto Region. 

The Palazzo del Governo (Palazzo of the Local Government) is an old della Scala family palace and welcomed Dante and Giotto among its guests.  It has a magnificent Sammicheli portal.


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