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This is the most imposing example of medieval civil architecture in Verona.  It was built in 1354-1357 by Cangrande II della Scala as his residence and fortress. The structure is entirely of brick with turrets and battlements and has two main areas.  That on the right is rectangular with turrets in the corners and encloses a large courtyard, the piazza d’Armi.  That on the left, the real della Scala palace, has a double wall with two courtyards and drawbridges. A section of wall from the Comune period (first half of 12th century) was incorporated into the castle and runs between the two parts.
Castelvecchio is joined to the opposite bank of the Adige by the picturesque ponte Scaligero (della Scala Bridge).  The crenellated structure is in brick and has three arches on turreted pilasters.  It was rebuilt after being destroyed in the war in 1945. 
The castle houses the Art Museum, home to 14-18th century works of art from the Veneto school and collections of 13th century Veronese sculptures, including the incredibly important equestrian statue of Cangrande I from the della Scala tombs (Arche Scagliere).

Address and Hours :
Castelvecchio Museum
Corso Castelvecchio 2, phone 0039.045.594734
Fax 0039.045. 8019729
Hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm; Monday from 1.45 pm to 7.30.


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