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Arche Scaligere


To the right of the Palazzo del Governo in Piazza dei Signori one passes into a small square that is one of the most enchanting corners of Verona.  Here is the church of S. Maria Antica (12th century) and the Arche Scaligere, the monumental tombs of the city’s signori (della Scala) The thirteenth century wrought iron fencing with the family coat of arms encloses the monumental tombs above which are elaborate gothic baldachins and ornate statues by master sculptors (14 h century).
Inside the enclosure are the tombs of Mastino II, on the left, Cansignorio and towards the back that of Giovanni.  Above the doorway to the church is the tomb of Cangrande I with its equestrian statue (this is a copy; the original is conserved in the Castelvecchio Museum).

Address and Hours :
Arche Scaligere
Via delle Arche Scaligere
You can visit externally the Arche Scaligere during all the year; from June to September is possible to visit the area inside the surrounding wall with a ticket that you can buy near the Lambert Tower. It is possible to buy a ticket that combine the entrances of Arche and of Tower.

Arche Scaligere

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